What makes us beautiful ?

Am I beautiful ? What does everyone think of me ? Why am I not appealing to other people ?

I remember being in primary school and being so petrified of walking through the school playground in the Mornings , I remember the anxiety would over take me and  I would dread it every morning . I would be so worried that everyone was looking at me and judging me . Looking back at little 6 year old me, It breaks my heart to think of myself feeling and thinking like that especially at such a young age ,I was just a baby.

Where does this come from ? Where do these though patterns start ? Why as young women do we let society determine how we feel about ourselves .

What six year old should feel that ? And why  ?

I grew up never feeling good enough , I was always looking for external validation and approval from others in not very healthy ways.

I am now in my early thirties and I still have days where I struggle and don’t feel worthy or good enough .

I have been working face to face wth clients for over 15 years . I have met people from all walks of  Life who were all shapes and sizes who had all  experienced many a life’s troubles , Much worse than anything I have ever experienced and each and every person that ii have met over the years have , I would look at each person and see so much light and beauty ,There is always something beautiful in each and every one of us . I could always see the beauty in others but never in myself .

Is beauty really a mind set ?

Is it truly in the eyes of the beholder ? Or is beauty made up from our energy and light ?

Today I am learning to love myself and will continue to do so in healthy ways . I find waking up with a grateful heart and being thankful for everything positive that we have in life helps me take small steps each day towards the right path .

I think we need to start celebrating our differences and learn to love ourselves from within, Life is to short not to .IMG_0258





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