Where and when did you first set eyes on your dream engagement ring ?  I  remember dreaming of my wedding day since I was a child , My mother still has some drawings that I did when I was 4 years old of me in my dress on my big day with a huge diamond encrusted ring on my finger .

The day I got engaged was one of the best days of my life, I kind of had a niggling feeling that it was going to happen soon.

It was a cold Christmas morning in the U.K and for weeks there was a large box placed underneath the Christmas tree,If you are anything like me the suspense was killing me I just needed to know what I was getting .

I am a little bit of a spoiled cow so I am now onto my second engagement ring (From the same husband ) as much as I loved my first engagement ring I saw another that took my breath away so after our second child I conned a push present out of my husband so now I have two , Do you think it would be pushing it if I asked for a third ? I have found the most AMAZING rings at Elise Maar Jewelers in Melbourne .If you are looking for something different for your wedding rings I highly recommend checking them out. WOWZERS is all I can say –Elise Maar44708869_10215372510559136_5175407841896300544_n



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