My husband and I have done everything backwards ,We met whilst I was living & working in London. I was on a girls night out with in Camden at a bar called the lock taverne . I was definitely not looking for a husband as I was a woman of the world and was travelling and loving it , Little did I know that the handsome English bloke I met that night would be my future husband.

Anyways our story has gone a little like this – Randomly met at a pub , Moved in with each other one month later – Found out we were having  a baby 12 months later ,Travelled back to Sydney for a year -Moved back to London fo a year -Then back to Sydney then once our second child was born decided to marry in Australia .

Our wedding day was seriously one of the best days of our lives .We had our ceremony in a local garden and the reception at a beautiful local restaurant .

I will be honest through I DID have a few melt downs whilst planning our wedding

I DID cry and spit the dummy on probably 2 or 3 occasions

But guess what , Now its over I totally realize that there was no need to stress about what I thought others would want on the day or where they would and wouldn’t like to sit etc..

Once you arrive and see your fiancé standing there the love you feel is so overwhelming that all of those “little things” that you were stressing about just melt away and you learn that the day is only about the two of you !

Enjoy every second of the day Brides to be as it truly is the best day !



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